Avoid premature puppy love and sex life 
In general, only four or five men to twenty mature, if early sex, sexual organs are not mature, depletion of its fine, easy to cause varying degrees of sexual dysfunction, adult prone to premature ejaculation, impotence, backache , easy to aging.  realistic dildos

Avoid sexual life frequency too close 
Moderate sex can bring pleasant frame of mind and experience, both on the body and health benefits, but if hither and indulgence, I do not know moderation, genital long-term congestion, can cause decreased sexual function, easy to cause prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy , impotence, premature ejaculation, and other illnesses can not ejaculate.  best dildos

Avoid wearing jeans every day 
Medical research shows that men's reproductive system requirements best at low temperatures, often wearing jeans, causes local temperature is too high, so that sperm formation unfavorable, so not often wear jeans, especially in the summer, and the climate was wet.  cheap dildos
Avoid genital hygiene speak 
Women pay attention to genital hygiene is not just something that men should attach equal importance. Especially the prepuce, should always clear smegma, because not only can lead to penile cancer smegma, but also easy to cause his wife suffering from cervical cancer.     
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Premature ejaculation is not only a non- self-limiting disease , it is kind of need in the treatment or after treatment, both preventive conditioning disease. Therefore , in addition to actively participate in treatment , more needs to actively prevent normal life , and strive to maximize the therapeutic effect . Here take a look at what bad habits will induce male premature ejaculation ?  glass dildos
1 bedroom environment is poor, such as two or three generations living together in a room, the sex life is too hasty , prone to premature ejaculation. giant dildos
2 , some young premarital sex premarital sex , nervousness , excitement comes and hasty ejaculation , marriage is difficult to change the established way of ejaculation . large dildos
3 , heterosexual life to little lack of knowledge , in social interaction with women living to less squeamish and women together and shyness , some people lack of knowledge of the sexual organs and mysterious , intense panic easily cause premature ejaculation. cheap dildos
4, masturbation history, some people have excessive masturbation history, although masturbation itself does not directly cause premature ejaculation , but because of long-term fear of masturbation dorm parents or partners found , always wanted to end soon , so hurry to develop the habit of ejaculation . black dildos
5 , number of sexual life too , because some people work and study life is stressful , or husband and wife separated , or spouse long business trip , did not occur due to prolonged sexual life , demanding too strong and easy to premature ejaculation. Some people also worry about premature ejaculation, intends to reduce the frequency of sexual activity , sexual tension caused by continued savings, but increased premature ejaculation.

6 , sex life suddenly interrupted , some people do not want to take the marriage application of condoms and other contraceptive measures placed IUD , but with coitus interruptus method of contraception , because the two sides are very nervous to concentrate on the withdrawal of the penis coitus , the man the tension is likely to cause too early ejaculation.thick dildos

7, the marital relationship is not harmonious , in a woman -headed households , due to his wife too much fear, idolize , strong inferiority complex or potentially hostile to his wife cherished , these will occur premature ejaculation. Husband to his wife dissatisfaction, many hastily as sexual vent rapid ejaculation . In addition, sometimes the woman suffering from genital tract inflammation , pain caused due to sexual life can be , so the end of the woman's sex life as soon as possible and cause premature ejaculation. strapon dildos
Dangers of premature ejaculation big influence their quality of life , damage to the dignity of man , seriously affecting their emotions, and even lead to family breakdown , and can lead to impotence and other sexual dysfunction. However, due to the impact of traditional , premature ejaculation patients are often ashamed , afraid to go to a large hospital for treatment, while the superstitious remedies, blind treatment. Experts said that the treatment of premature ejaculation syndrome should be flexible , scientific and orderly , and fundamentally improve ejaculation stimulation threshold , enhance male tolerance to sexual stimulation .


A general vaginal opening to the cervix in size from about 7.5 cm, but during intercourse , its capacity is flexible and can accommodate any size penis to enter.  bessey clamps
2 inside the vagina about two thirds of the vagina from the vaginal opening length of the area is much more sensitive than the front end of the vagina . silicone dildos
3 Although not all women have G-spot , but there are female G spot , it is usually on the anterior vaginal wall , the vaginal opening three centimeters away from the place . monster dildos
4 In general, the clitoris is like the tip of the glans penis , like there are more nerve endings , the clitoris is about the size of 0.16 cm wide and 0.16 cm long . strapon dildos
5 . Persistent vaginal sexual activity will maintain flexibility to allow vaginal lifetime sexual activity can be carried out such joy .

How to tell whether it is normal secretions ?

Abnormal secretions were light yellow to green , issued smell ; abnormal vaginal discharge is a more pure white, depending on the viscosity depending on the stage of the menstrual cycle , ovulation is small and clean, more after ovulation . How many women will have a certain amount of discharge, if the former never happened but a recent phenomenon also do not panic, do not understand women will think they have contracted the disease , but this is normal , unless there is itching , fever or odor situation , otherwise you do not care about it . giant dildos
Many bacteria in the vagina , how to tell them whichever is yeast, levy , bacteria or trichomonas it ?

Yeast infections are most common symptoms of itching around the vagina symptoms ; vaginal bacterial infections are mostly infected through sexual intercourse , vaginal redness, fever occurs , there is the smell of viscous secretions ; For Trichomonas infections are also transmitted through sexual intercourse , there will be yellow or green discharge. Treatment of the latter two methods are the use of antibiotics , if left untreated , bacterial infections can cause pelvic inflammatory disease , severe cases will lead to infertility ; if trichomonas infection during pregnancy without treatment it may lead to premature birth. large dildos
Intrauterine devices and spermicides can cause adverse effects on the body do ? black dildos
IUD use women susceptible to urinary and reproductive systems of the disease and suffer yeast infections, because contraception is fixed in utero , within six hours after intercourse , bacteria easily free the bladder and cause infection , and kill spermicide to kill sperm function , it may cause allergic reactions.

Foreplay or orgasm
For women not only understand the wise man's body, better in bed reading his voice, let him from the depths of my heart, thank you for caring and considerate, and thus lead you past destined for his confidant. Ecstasy at the same time make a man, you will happy from the inside out and enjoy the pleasure of your passion provoked. Let "self-Game" to accompany you to dive deep down men to explore their erotic reverie, strong men crack under the appearance of sex password. silicone dildos

Tim fun for role
Bed and occasionally play some different tricks, you can increase both the taste, making one, two different situations, the effect will be beyond your imagination. "My girlfriend had sex at a certain time to pretend this is her first time," 33-year-old Wen Zheng said, "and my life has never been like that then the passions run high, she really is a great actor. " thick dildos

Clothed sex
Do not doubt, at least put on a dress. Men feel dressed woman, with a special wild, unrestrained feeling. Clothes soft touch, irregular shaking rub your body, is that they appreciate the beauty of sex. 29-year-old friends letter said: "The dress is soft to the touch, always provoked my original wild desire and my girlfriend have a good feel great T-shirt, I asked her to wear it every time I talk to sex. " black dildos

Key parts of a woman exposed too much, it will be mistaken for a "flasher" not serious. Therefore, how to appropriately exposed too, is a major problem. Confident woman on the neck, wearing a V-neck dress, and then with a gold necklace, which can set off a beautiful neckline; confident person on the shoulder, might wear Xiaojian, straight type clothing; dew shoulder if worried too, may wish to sew some of the lace or decorated with shoulder circumference; right chest confident person, you can unlock a multi-button shirt, wearing the same color shirt with transparent lace bra. Right thigh and confident person, Yichuan miniskirts. If you wear a skirt, it should expose the ankle. thick dildos

Search his erogenous zone
Use your fingers to gently ask all over his body, to find his every erogenous zone, then mouth tease those areas, this provocative games, no man can resist.
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Open your heart to change the thinking, sex toys accept this "third party" involved, you will find a different kind of world, a result of the climax and beautiful world.strapon dildos
Put another way of thinking correctly and interact with sex toys, treat it as a lover's shadow, to train and improve their overall quality. Including cognitive thinking about sex, awaken the body's feeling, the feeling of orgasm, the whole body and soul of sex understanding cognition, rebuilding a pure sex view ...... and so on.
Like all before the game, you need to exercise the same without a rehearsal times. Sex, do not need to put into practice so that we do?
With love to sex toys, use loving fantasy to fill that unrestrained sex toys world, you will massage vibratorsFound that it was not icy toys.
Love, hand in hand, at the moment of your surroundings have flooded his silent love. In order to give him the best of themselves, why not try to self-exploitation it?
This world, love of man is probably more than a woman, not like a sacrificial altar for the sacrifice of love lamb-like woman, born at the issue from the eyes of light really love it. This, is the best gift to give love, let him indulge in singing, but also let you release the real me.
Precautions before use:
Open just bought sex toys, we must first look at the product manual. Whether overall waterproof? Belongs battery or AC type? Effective use of part Where?bluetooth vibrator
Into the body is not attempted before hand to understand what the different vibration modes, the overall feeling about, this is a process familiar with sex toys. This is every time I get a new sex toys would do a step, playing in his hand, first study the beauty of it where it is.
Very important point is to understand that this is where the toys, not misplaced. If the wrong place, the effect may not be right. Because sometimes, strange toy model will confuse us, and occasionally I will have wrong time. Because the trial brought some toys there is no manual, and all have their own attempt to speculate.bullet vibrator

"Sex is not fast food, but the wine, you need to calm down, proceed slowly and taste, in order to truly enjoy the fun." Adam Tokunaga that the average person's life will live more than 680,000 hours, but orgasm for only 16 hours per day 2.02 seconds. Therefore, not simply the pursuit of sexual climax, but to learn to enjoy the whole process. Slow down the process, sexual pleasure will naturally increase; through some tips icing on the cake, sex becomes aftertaste.  glass dildos

1 emotional foreplay. Learn emotional touch each other, carefully and slowly. From the hair, shoulders, back into the hip, the other side feel that you appreciate and cherish her ​​body. Such encouragement and praise, than straight to the theme can stimulate enthusiasm. silicone dildos

2 listen to each other, not demanding perfection. Real sex, do not be too demanding perfection, blindly pay attention to foreplay, the pursuit of orgasm, will ignore a lot of warmth things. Love to talk about private message together, share the feelings, exchange each other's secrets, make you relaxed, happy to enjoy time together. best dildos

3 exercises masturbation, relatively honest. Sex is a free journey, not because the rhythm varies reluctantly. From a physiological point of view, men libido comes and a woman takes 30 minutes to warm up. Therefore, women learn to masturbate or let him help masturbation, can enhance intimacy with each other, so that both sides can slowly enjoy exploring the fun. thick dildos

4 Habits naked. Naked, any one casual contact, are likely to become sex fuse. When sex became peek into the surprises, the two sides will feel sex is a part of life.
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Tim fun for role

Bed and occasionally play some different tricks , you can increase both the taste, making one , two different situations , the effect will be beyond your imagination . "My girlfriend had sex at a certain time to pretend this is her first time , " 33 -year-old a netizen said , "and my life has never been like that then the passions run high , she really is a great actor . "

Clothed sex

Do not doubt , at least put on a dress. Men feel dressed woman, with a special wild, unrestrained feeling. Clothes soft touch , irregular shaking rub your body , is that they appreciate the beauty of sex . 29 -year-old friends letter said: "The dress is soft to the touch, always provoked my original wild desire and my girlfriend have a good feel great T-shirt, I asked her to wear it every time I talk to sex . " trojan vibrators
Key parts of a woman exposed too much , it will be mistaken for a "flasher " not serious . Therefore, how to appropriately exposed too , is a major problem. Confident woman on the neck , wearing a V- neck dress , and then with a gold necklace , which can set off a beautiful neckline ; confident person on the shoulder , might wear Xiaojian , straight type clothing ; dew shoulder if worried too , may wish to sew some of the lace or decorated with shoulder circumference ; right chest confident person, you can unlock a multi- button shirt , wearing the same color shirt with transparent lace bra. Right thigh and confident person , Yichuan miniskirts . If you wear a skirt , it should expose the ankle .
Search his erogenous zone analtoys

Use your fingers to gently ask all over his body , to find his every erogenous zone , then mouth tease those areas, this provocative games, no man can resist . vibrator ring

Playing a strip show

There is nothing better than a dumb , naked woman is more reverie it ? 24 -year-old friends Rowan said: " my girlfriend in me and my dad talking on the phone , standing in front of me quietly , one by one to take off her clothes . Depriving what I can not think, can only be answer my dad ' er, yes ah ! right right, uh. ' hung up the phone , we can not wait in the kitchen ...... "

Send him of souvenirs

A scratch , bite marks or sexy secret hickey , let him Duwusiren , always think of you day dissolute gesture. Or biting his lower lip , so the next day tingling, from time to time to remind him think of your breathing , the climax , or you can also at his side , leaving your body little things, such a cute little pants , etc. This will allow you to occupy his mind all day .

South Korean film "Sassy" once popular in China. This and our traditionally considered gentle woman should love are very different. Now, scientists as "Sassy" have found a theoretical basis.
According to the latest issue of "New Scientist" magazine reported that Italian women scientists Malaqidi study found that couples in gender differences in temperament is not so obvious, because men and women in love during the body of the male hormone levels are consistent, in other words, men like women, women like men. Men become more gentle and affectionate, women will become more passionate. bullet vibratorIn addition, a number of social and psychological factors are also men and women in love, this change has been affected.
First of all, this is a social and cultural traditions of the different requirements for men and women. In our culture, tradition, always ask men to be generous, generous, calm, with guest, the amount, do not care about. For women, society is able to accept their changing character.
Secondly, when a dispute in love, when both men and women are different tolerance, women are more vulnerable, show more love angry.
Third, in the confidence of men and women there are some differences. Adolescent girls with psychosexual development, gender roles and their own physical characteristics increasingly concerned about whether the slim, beautiful, all her fears and distress thing. Women love anxiety for more things, and this is the reason they love angry.
Finally, the role of men and women in love is not the same. Men play an active party, the more eager in the pursuit of the time, the more nervous than usual seem more gentle. While women are consciously or unconsciously in love to her boyfriend set up some obstacles, to see whether her boyfriend content yourself, or simply to tantrums were tested. cock rings
Psychologist Carl Jung once pointed out that men have some feminine psychological characteristics, women also have a masculine psychological characteristics. In love this particular scenario, these features fully manifested itself.anal toys