After several years the couple 's sex life , the various postures estimates have been able to try , but your sex but brought back the passion and wonderful past . cyberskin dildos
You just add a little bit, very tiny thing , do not have trouble learning, which after changing a little bit different , you can make those previously immutable things become completely different. They can quietly potentially change your life and make you feel happy swaying , like you marry the world , and enjoyed all the world's "sex ." ejaculating dildos
Now teach you " old love refurbished" two coup and readily available some small trick , so you old sex change faces.

A : Preheat Imagination

Do not put sex on the bed before doing as things warm up in the mind of imagination, allows you to have one of the longest most liberal foreplay . And brain a blank battle ground compared filled with all kinds of sexual information of the brain apparently can be excited and quickly enter the state. Let your mind be to generate new ideas , a quick trick the brain can make you do it is entirely different. monster dildos
Preheat sex can you imagine any possible time for , eat, walk , ride , even at work, passing within a few seconds the screen will not affect anything. You can you see anything , think anything , and sex do association. Of course, not possessed by the Devil , do not too long, a few seconds , tens of seconds is enough. Imagine the contents need not be too clear, ambiguous and obscure more suitable for use as warm-up passion. massive dildos
During sex can also be preheated brain , one re-imagine your body. Not imagine your legs or belly becomes what kind , but imagine your most sensitive point is wonderful and timeless , imagine it is beautifully quivering , play the perfect pitch . To do so in the spirit of the imagination, the last coming will be like a real climax of the song so beautiful and exciting . Another method is to preheat the brain of you are doing physical activity metaphorical imagination. For instance, he was gently tapping your body , you can imagine into the rain , the cat 's footsteps, dripping bells . Despite these imaginings and sex has nothing to do , but it could train your mind to more easily bring physical reaction . silicone dildos
Two : Respiratory coordinated

Maybe you never thought about , the most common breathing and quality of sex relationship . In fact, the sex , the two breathing is coordinated very critical . If you can achieve " the same breath ," it will be able to "co- sex " was. best dildos
Do the same with a simple breathing method is: bent side with you , you are the former , he , he hugged you ring from behind , put his hand on your chest , you can feel your breath. Then you do a long deep breath , he followed your breath. When the two coincide breathing slowly , you will feel a powerful love connection. Do look like a ritual , too solemn like, but it can make you quick access to Heart connected to the feeling of intimacy . This extraordinary intimacy will create a special sex "gas field" that lets you sink into ecstasy with sexual passion . thick dildos
Another consistent posture breathing a little bit more complex . You and he sat on the bed, legs entwined , his right hand on your heart , and your right hand on his heart , and your left hand on each other's right, and then stared at each other , began to breathe together . Just staring , breathing , staring , breathing, let your love for one another through the eyes and hands flow of soul. Let your soul to see his soul , let him see you. So insistent while, you will find each other's face changed, gentle, happy , and will carry a kind of urgent outbreak of passion. cheap dildos

Urine and semen are discharged simultaneously ? Under normal circumstances, when the urine in the bladder fullness , if conditions allow , "may urinate " cortex begins issuing commands through the sacral spinal reflex , will relax the bladder sphincter relaxation , can be eliminated from the body in urine . When the conditions were not such as sleep , although the holding back but always dreaming to find the toilet , but it does not urinate.
cheap vibratorsIt seems , though asleep , the brain is not in accordance with the information of bladder fullness , issued a " voiding " command . In addition to the sphincter of the bladder wall , but there is another male urethra sphincter . It is located in the middle third of the urethra at the junction with the inner third , which is the urethra through the urogenital septum of the Department, also known as membranous urethral sphincter . It has nothing to do urination , but only to play its role in ejaculation . silent vibrator
Men during sexual arousal , is located at the beginning of the urethra and bladder sphincter out of it are in the membranous urethra sphincter contraction . In this way, formed between a small space enclosed by the epididymis and vas deferens smooth muscle contraction rhythm driven from sperm , where by the prostate and seminal vesicle secretions to mixed . When the semen to a certain amount of savings , or when the penis are stimulated to achieve sufficient strength , sexual climax occurs when ejaculation occurs , the membranous urethra sphincter relaxation, savings will semen emitted through the urethra . rabbit vibrator
Ejaculate, located inside the bladder sphincter relaxation definitely not urine would not flush out together , of course, is not the semen into the bladder . In this case the presumed cerebral cortex will also play a bladder sphincter control action , that is , the brain can be that this is in the " conditions do not allow voiding " state. Therefore, during ejaculation will not occur simultaneously urination . bluetooth vibrator

However, such a complex anatomical structure and physiological function sometimes go wrong . If ejaculation occurs rhythmic contraction of the vas deferens and other disorders, or bladder sphincter contraction without Meanwhile , the semen may be discharged from the urethra into the bladder instead , this is called retrograde ejaculation . Retrograde ejaculation is often one of the causes of infertility . For men, even retrograde ejaculation , will have the pleasure of ejaculation , so I probably will not notice . Infertility is often due to go to the hospital only to find , or a woman pointed out that after the clear. This situation is more common in sexual intercourse without ejaculation or delayed ejaculation when repeatedly endured . Such practices violate the laws of nature , causes relaxation of the sphincter of the bladder control urination , once there had been a kind of " retrograde ejaculation " think will be very difficult to restore normal ejaculation . bullet vibrator
Apart from functional causes retrograde ejaculation , the sphincter of the bladder neck is mainly due to organic disease that contraction dysfunction, ejaculation tightly closed when not the reason . Such as urethral stricture, fine Fu hypertrophy , youth diabetes dysfunction and bladder neck caused by surgical injury to the sphincter . Taking guanethidine , reserpine and other drugs, can also cause retrograde ejaculation .
toothbrush vibrator

To emotional problems to " formulaic " , is currently the world many researchers doing the subject , the purpose is to identify more regularity marriage thing . Recently, the Australian scholar launch formula of marriageable age , allegedly very accurate, many men are subconsciously or unconsciously practice . best dildos
Formula is as follows : the first began to consider the age of marriage (P), do you think the latest wedding deadline (N). Marriageable age formula : (N-P) × 0.368 + P.  black dildos
In fact, in the marriage relationship, the so-called formula has always been uncommon . Once the " ideal couple formula" , " husband and wife divorce formula" also worldwide caused no small controversy . These two formulas are as follows:

Ideal couple formula : the woman than the man the woman older than higher education for at least 5 years old couple small man marriage ; thick dildos
Divorced couple formula : the woman than the man older than lower educated man small woman divorced one of them at least 5 years old . strapon dildos
To interpret the following two formulas : the woman than the man higher education . Modern scientific evidence , a family, wife educated, then a member of this family life will be longer because of the learning experience so she knows more science . In addition, Kochi wife know how to face life issues rationally , but has a higher education than their wives , as a husband , she would be more emphasis on feeling. Unfortunately, China 's traditional concept , women marry, the other party may request the full transcendence, in fact, this is the woman in the self-destruction of capital . You know , education is a woman decent dowry. But the ability is the man most valuable capital . cheap dildos
There is question of the age . The age gap between men and women is not written on the face , but engraved in my heart . There is such a law , whenever married "little husband ," the woman , there is always a certain extent, inferiority complex, it is this attitude will eventually lead to failure of the marriage . So , age is a woman most confident of the capital, marriage, a woman 's self-confidence is the key to happiness . Little -year-old wife is easier to be happy , not because she was younger, but because she was happier, so better able to give each other pleasure. giant dildos
In addition, many times between husband and wife are each married , marriage stability is also very important . If both partners are the first marriage , it will be easier to ensure the quality of marriage . If both sides have experienced divorce , remarriage and the stability of marriage the couple is almost exactly the same . But if there is no other party has been married and divorced history, such a marriage is dangerous. So, young couples do not always put "divorce" talk about it after the divorce will not necessarily be happier . large dildos
Visible, feelings among the most important is the "psychological balance" , a woman 's self-confidence was also limited , a good attitude ≠ heart too . Although everyone knows " mentality more than anything else ," but has a good attitude , asking you to , at least , do not mind too much ...... black dildos


Once at the forum saw a " sex-starved " cried the woman , I also do this in the forum pasted comment. best dildosOf course, she suffered was his " husband " and " sanctions ." But in life there are a lot of women are in the " sexual hunger" of the state , but most of them have the courage to face, fight it.
Male and female physiological responses of the different decisions are not born of harmony come . The vast majority of men in the sexual life only know one thinks, by instinct to carry out. In the long-term evolution , the human living environment is extremely unsafe , survival instinct requires men to end sexual intercourse , always beware of the beast wandering around the injury ; while women instinctively you need time in order to facilitate a half-hour supine egg pregnancy, the uterus on the "fixed" ( implantation ) . In ancient times , survival only for reproduction, in the long river of history , "sexual harmony" is not taken into account ! To a certain extent , sexual disharmony is born. black dildos
However, in society today , the human quality of life requirements are substantially improved . Female fertility is absolutely no longer a tool, but not a man Xieyu tool. Moreover, the more highly educated people more easily recognize that sex is a two-way, mutual love is the love of devotion. Sex life of any party unhappiness make sex life becomes greatly diminished , or even no fun . thick dildos

Generally speaking , the decisive whether the responsibilities harmony in men , this is a social role , physical characteristics of the decision . The " sex-starved " of women the most common are the following situations:
A sexual partner's sexual knowledge, skills deficiency: This is most common , most men think that sex is instinctive , "Do I even have sex will not ? " Almost a male common language. I have already discussed above , the male sexual instinct is to put an end to sexual intercourse , wary beast damage. Mere instinct for male sex is difficult for women to bring sexual gratification . Does not meet the long-term nature likely to cause normal female " sex-starved " the. Enjoy a harmonious sex life from the point of view , there are many men " do not even have sex ! " strapon dildos
2 , physiological disharmony : Generally, women 30 years of age , sexual psychology , sexual physiology is more mature . By the age of 40 or so, because the decline in ovarian function , increased level of androgen ratio , women's lust is more rising ; but this time their sexual partners - who are middle-aged men tend to live in the heaviest burden in life the time . They struggle with work and life stress , coupled without proper knowledge of sexual health for life guidance , they tend to have decreased sexual , feeling poorer than before , it is difficult to meet the sexual needs of women . Especially those Laofushaoqi couple , women more prone to " sex-starved " the. cheap dildos

3, the male "flower" : This is a moral issue half and half physical problems . We have " ' Fa ' man ," a paper discussed the male "flower ." But women should not ignore the protection of their appearance , temperament, training, women should remain attractive . Some Western sexologist somewhat extreme to say: " Female 40 years old is the peak of lust , but some women's appearance has weakened to even look at her husband 's interest more than one is not, and this is sad women ." large dildos
4 , family discord : This is not the medical problem. Like said above women because of her " husband " at the wedding when she discovered she was not a virgin on the implementation of " sanctions " to refuse sex with her . This situation might as well leave him, but the world is not only he a man, there is no need to hang in a tree .
thick dildos

The survey said 49% of men had plenty of sexual fantasies on Aoi

Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung filmed a fun movie - "AV", spread to the mainland became a "youth DreamWorks ." Beginning of the film subtitles are "In the center of the world calling sex" , tells the story of a group of boys want to go to bed and Japanese AV Actress , chipped ask her filming , everyone plays an actor, but eventually gradually shattered dream story. giant dildos
In the 1990s , when I was together with the reform and opening up into adolescence , with most boys, nobody Tuition equally in Enlightenment " feeling the stones ." Muto blue , Ai Iijima , Aoi was at that time a block of crystal clear mouthwatering , whimsical "jewel ." large dildos
Perhaps preconceptions, now S1 ( Japanese AV production company ) rising star lacking in charming cute , but I'm fond of Aoi .

Yoshizawa next step with filler , teak Tina 's face is too tapered , Asami crossed eyes , flower spike too dark , Love Field from the performances too cold ...... In addition, I also do not like any of the legendary reclusive figure , it is a very long list, but I can only regret that they " borrow too much performance" , it is easy to be expelled from the scope . strapon dildos
Internet age, we did not have to wake up the arms of a woman child , the only regret is that Aoi is still only live in their computer's hidden folder. cheap dildos
Suddenly one day , everywhere are beginning to talk about Aoi . Everyone seems to be afraid off the post , hastened to put "Cang teacher" linked to the mouth. There are millions of micro-Bo first concern , then that is the domestic media reports, " the phenomenon of home" began analyzing " Aoi phenomenon ." thick dildos
Liang said in a show , said: " your colleagues, original work you just know he works on this side , but you on his facebook, found his original love dogs , but also like gardening, you find him annoying Aoi, I Aoi said how old it ...... " strapon dildos
What ? You also intends echoed , approachable speaking a few do not know where to see "Cang teacher" of the piece , or simply mention you are more familiar postures Muto blue ? Then you might as well tell us something about yourself that filled with low-quality rm format hidden folder directly to transform itself into a staple of jokes forget. thick dildos
They laughed as they elegance. Elegant people will say, " smashing Cang teacher" , even Kevin Tsai is ridicule: " China is the only one named Aoi ' teacher ' of the country , so I called the teacher a very subtle kind of feeling ." And not escape vulgar people always say, " Tong Yan Boobs Aoi " , because that is what we know about her naked .

We can easily be deceived by such a grand illusion , that a man must have seen Aoi real show. ejaculating dildos
Until a survey data show that 24% of male users of Aoi understanding only stay in the parrot , based on never really get to know Aoi engaged in the cause ; up to 49 % of men have seen Aoi many works , is her hardcore fans ; another 27 % of the men inadvertently glanced over Aoi movie. This total, 76% of men on the network onlookers Aoi solid composition. monster dildos
Another data shows that 49% of men 's sexual fantasies is Aoi . This shows that when a woman by a man obsessed with watching over and over again , basically will treat it as an object of sexual fantasies . Further , we can use this reasoning to argue , "Why would a man as object of sexual fantasies female colleagues a high proportion of " this assertion. silicone dildos
Only 1 % of men who are faithful , their sexual fantasies only unique Aoi .

50% of men do not eat this set of faces of the children Boobs , they firmly put Aoi excluded in their obscenity outside the list . massive dildos
Although half of the men Aoi has sexual fantasies, but only 7 % of men will Aoi this girl as their object of pursuit ; up to 45 % of men willing in the computer pursue Aoi 's body, face and smile, and then in the in reality be a standard of love .

Attention to female urethritis

And some women complain before marriage , never too urethritis ; But after getting married , urethritis almost became a frequent visitor to their bodies . They think about this and married life , and even some women suspect their husbands out recklessly. best dildos
Women with recurrent urethritis have a certain relationship with the sexual life , because in sex, the female urethra is easy retrograde up of bacteria through the urethra , bladder , ureter , renal pelvis , causing urethritis. In order to prevent sexual life cause urethritis, women in the sex life proper drink some water before , so had finished after sex , there is enough to urinate and urination. Urinary tract can be played on the washing , which prevent the occurrence of urethritis have a good effect . If this happens urethritis, urethritis cure best women in the sex then resume after a month , which is to prevent the recurrence of urethritis beneficial . cheap dildos
Replenishment strategy: the body has enough water , have adequate amounts of hormones , sexual life can satisfied. In one or two glasses of water to drink room in advance , when a man's genitals more powerful erections , time will be longer. In the passion, drink a cup of warm water , and replenish the body of water consumption, reduce blood viscosity . Woman drink plenty of water before sex , can also play a role in preventing urethritis . large dildos
Early morning cup of water are required before and after intercourse

Men long in a dry state , will not maintain normal organ morphology, erection or filling blocked , decreased production of sperm . Moreover, since the nutrients and metabolites can not transport, fatigue after sex is not easy to eliminate , so early in the morning need to drink plenty of water before and after sex . black dildos
Sex life when the body's energy and water consumption significantly . If you fall asleep immediately after sex , the whole body will be in a dry state , resulting in blood viscosity , causing certain diseases. strapon dildos
Do not short morning sex drive immediately

Fast-paced, high-intensity work , so many white-collar workers go home at night is psychosomatic fatigue, which have energy some clouds and rain . So , many people choose to sleep for a nap , and then the next morning to enjoy sex. thick dildos
Rush hour traffic in the big cities , the primary responsibility by the driver in the accident , about 40% of drivers are sex drive just after the accident .

As a driver , you need good vision , attention and ability to respond to emergencies . The sex life , due to the limbs, muscle stiffness caused by muscle movement , will lead to an increased release of lactic acid and other metabolites , muscle tissue pain, numbness and other phenomena . Thus, shortly after sexual activity , if the immediate driving, an accident , it is difficult to take timely and effective measures to naturally easily lead to accidents .ejaculating dildos

In order to prevent accidents caused by sexual drive immediately afterwards , customary morning sex life and need to self-driving white-collar work should pay attention to :

First , try to sex ahead of time, rest for 1-2 hours before driving to work .

On the one hand because of time constraints will not affect the quality of life , on the other hand give the body a recovery buffer time. monster dildos
Second, eat breakfast , especially the warm and easy to digest foods such as milk, porridge , eggs, etc. , so as to charge the physical conditions, then you can drink a cup of coffee or tea, with refreshing, then driving down the road .

Assistance in terms of taste , there are too many people have their own sexual experiences and help nature to help poor technology . But you used the help of resonance massage you ? Resonance massage the name suggests, is to make men and women feel the vibration, the thrill of the parties has a role in promoting. Resonance massage is divided into two parts , the subject is a "U" shaped small clip , vice body is a circular wireless remote control, which itself can vibrate . extreme dildos
A resonant massage, first "U" shaped part of the body into the female sex organs , the other part of the card is on the outside , a " cross-fold " shape ; second body remote from the man or the woman in the hand . Sex start , male and female sexual organs intercourse , while exposure to resonance massage, turn on the switch , the feeling of shock immediately swept the body ; At this time, the man can be placed on the woman's chest remote control device , or walk on the other sites. In this way , the body will "move up " self-evident pleasure . thick dildos
Now, let Xiaobian to introduce five major advantage resonance massage it !

1 , a variety of vibration modes: resonance massage there are many vibrational modes , the frequency and intensity can be adjusted according to the preferences of the parties ; also be converted according to different sexual position vibration mode . strapon dildos
2 , fully stimulate sexual organs : Resonance massage is on the cards in the female sexual organs , sexual life is also not a formal removal . This way , the female vulva, wall, men's " little brother" will be subject to a comprehensive vibration, cheap dildos
3, the wireless remote control is also Vibration: Vice resonance body massage is a wireless remote control, it can not only remote , but also vibrations. This is the other massagers do not have the advantage. When the private parts in close intercourse , feel the emotion to vibrate when the body does not calm, available wireless remote control migratory body, so that the whole body is immersed in the " shock " the pleasure . large dildos
4 , non-toxic and harmless to health materials : Resonance massager is made ​​of silica gel using safe , non-toxic and harmless to humans absolute ; And, because material properties , and its texture is smooth, soft , will not wear the skin, can also be arbitrarily bent. thick dildos
5,100 % waterproof : Resonance massage absolutely waterproof , do not worry about leakage ; even though the " mandarin ducks " when it can be used. best dildos

Reproductive health must be a healthy and smart baby. Prenatal and postnatal care is not just women's obligations , men have to bear a considerable part of the responsibility . best dildos

The best people of childbearing age should be 24-30 years old.

Although 18 years had been fully developed men and women " fourteen menstruation to " that is menarche , you can have heirs, but this is not the most appropriate reproductive age . On the other hand , men 40 years of age, physical fitness has been gradually declining, while a variety of diet by increasing pollution and accumulation in the body , so in this case the birth of the next generation , will significantly increase the risk of illness . "


"Fine , gas, god" is the human body, " Sambo" , the three interrelated and mutually reinforcing. "God" is the external manifestation of human health , the state of the human spirit , will directly affect fertility . Therefore , the Chinese believe to be healthy birth, focuses on " flirting cause " , so open-minded , cheerful mood , learn to troubleshoot all kinds of unhealthy emotions, which is excellent education is very important and often overlooked aspect. black dildos

In intend fertility period of time, men have to keep a certain amount of exercise, work to work and rest . Exercise time can be flexible based on individual physical condition to develop , usually three or more times a week , every half hour or more appropriate. In addition, the life you want to see more sunlight , more than a breath of fresh air , which benefits male endocrine coordination . thick dildos

In fact, in addition to suffering from the disease and need to diet , but to do not a partial eclipse , eat anything, this is the best diet to restore . And the West " to meat-based " diet compared to Asians , especially Chinese people " dominated by cereals and legumes ," the traditional diet is more healthy . Meat and fish do not have much benefit to the human body , eat more also likely to cause diseases such as prostatitis . Professor Jia introduction, Western scientists have done an experiment , they dissected more than 40 years of age of the deceased prostate cancer found almost there . For poor fertility , oligospermia patients , it can be appropriate to eat lean meat and vegetables , lean meat and vegetables as rich in Vc, Va, Ve sperm is very good. strapon dildos
Shou- law

When the birth plan should be done within six months prior to smoking, alcohol , or other unhealthy living habits. In addition, for sex life should " go with the flow " , no no, too much too. Especially not to pursue so-called " lasting, high-quality " sex life and chaos clothes whip and tonic . For some patients with low sexual function really should also have experience in Chinese tonic medication under the guidance of doctors . black dildos

Entered another stage in life --- marriage , bridal chamber after two more intimate relationship . But for newlyweds no sexual experience , sex becomes a pain and pleasure anti burden , if you do not want a sheer waste of a life worth memorable honeymoon period , the following provide you with the six personality position, perhaps help going into honeymoon period for you. best dildos
1 flexion was supernatural --- help you born BB
This position most suitable for a wedding you wanted to become pregnant , because the use of flexion when the vagina is almost vertical , but also combines deep , so the penis can be directly on the uterus ejaculation , semen is like being loaded into a test tube of water, do not will overflow ; addition, this position for some women, postpartum vaginal relaxation begins , and very healing. black dildos

Correct position : the woman lying down with your legs tightly attached to the abdomen or legs on the squat man's shoulder , the man put his hands stretched , forming prone squat position . thick dildos
Vaginal short : this position will bring greater friction stimulation, so shorter or hypoplasia of the female vagina may not afford.
(2) the most appropriate tense stretch position --- Master
Stretching posture is the female legs in males between the legs . During the wedding , women because nervousness during sex , it is inevitable that the vaginal opening is very small, not consciously make resistance.
Men can make use of stretching well into position by vaginal hyperemia oppression slowly twitch , then slowly depth . strapon dildos
Correct position : the woman supine, two faded straight , arms can be placed on the man 's back or encircling men , the man put his hands on his knees and in bed , facing the woman , the woman's legs clamped . cheap dildos
Obesity: If men do not knee brace , the river can be completely re- stacked in the woman's body, if he is a heavyweight Nutty , every minute will bride crushed . giant dildos

Pregnant women: Pregnant woman's uterus pressure would affect the fetus. large dildos
Three traditional big man --- Tim normal position of superiority
This position is more suitable for traditional Chinese men and women under the form of men , so that men have more sense of superiority and pride ; Moreover, during the wedding , women may be more passive , so most people would choose this sexual position . black dildos
Correct position : the woman supine , legs slightly bent open, and the man put his hands on his knees on the bed , facing the woman , the woman's legs in between the legs . thick dildos
Tatu : Men 's belly breast , be combined with an obstacle , the impact of pleasure during intercourse .

Penis is too short : male penis is too short , irritation may not strong enough .
Pregnant women: and done the same position , it will affect the fetus.
4 waist bit less painful --- inflammation help women
With a high waist -bit , can make the penis along the horizontal direction of the anterior vaginal wall to enter, as long as the thinnest hymen can be pushed a little bit . In addition, due to more frequent sexual intercourse during the honeymoon and lead to inflammation of the female , the use of this position will also prevent pain and avoid sites of inflammation .
Correct position : the woman's waist elevation, you can do this using the edge of the bed position , the woman can be placed in the pelvis position edge of the bed , legs slightly apart sitting on the bed , the man was standing in front of . strapon dildos

Old patient with fracture : This position should not be used as a common sexual way , because it will make the woman's abdomen rather tired, while some had fracture wounds woman , but should not be used.
Pregnant women : Now may cause abdominal discomfort , pregnant women, of course, non- use .
5 There is pleasure without pain --- front seat is also suitable for pregnant
Spent the first night , the woman might still end habit, when combined with a sense of pain , then it should use front seat , allowing the penis to enter along the clitoris , both to bring pleasure to the woman , the man also by the legs space , freedom adjusting the combination of depth ; even pregnancy can also use this position . best dildos
Correct position : Man sitting cross-legged , the woman sitting on the man 's lap , the two sat face to face , as if kissing , hand arms around each other 's neck , shoulder or waist. strap on dildos
Should not :
Obesity : too obese people , they both thick and sinking it would be caught in the middle of the abdomen , affecting the combined depth.
6 front lateral less tiring --- fat sex too easily
During the wedding too frequent sex may result in the both sides feel tired , then maybe you can consider switching to front lateral, because this position is not exposed to each other's body weight may be lying in bed ; especially some of the more obese husband, adopt this kind of position can be described as both safe and practical ; addition, this is also the most commonly used during pregnancy sex position. ejaculating dildos

Correct position : lying sideways around men and women , the woman will try to bend the leg by the bed , before the formation of lateral, placed between the male pelvis , and use the other leg of the male 's thighs clamped . monster dildos

Should not :
Female genital hypoplasia : This position will bring women of reproductive hypoplasia overstimulation , so should not be used .
Above is to introduce the newly married couples honeymoon sex Detailed correct posture , we want to help, here is only to provide a reference , a long time health network wish you good health .
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20-29 years

Female: most of them have a normal menstrual and sexual desire will change with the menstrual cycle . A few days before ovulation , estrogen rapidly increased female libido also significantly enhanced. But this time the female will pay particular attention to their body and appearance , it will shift some sexual attention, sexual desire is not strong . best dildos
Male: men of this age in good health , physically fit , with the most intense sexual desire . Just make girlfriend or into the marriage hall , he would be eager to " try it ." cheap dildos
30-39 years

Female: through sexual experience, women orgasm more and more opportunities , marital relations have stabilized . However , this time raising children , work, take care of family pressure will hurt her sexuality . strapon dildos
Male: Marriage and family responsibilities , promotion of pressure, smoking entertainment makes this age male libido adrift , suddenly strong suddenly weak . Busy with work, stress is at this time libido killer. large dildos

Female: At a time when hormone levels begin to decline , but it is the female " sexual awakening " when . Kids and family's financial burden has been reduced in female sexual desire unabated. black dildos
Male: career basic shape , the body more or less a little problem , libido and sexual life more stable. They have enough time and energy to "combat " and more attention to the quality of life , rather than quantity .


Female: Slowly approaching menopause , a variety of annoying symptoms continuous. But this time the women will be surprised to find that their sexual desire becomes more intense. Perhaps the reason is hormonal changes , women may experience more and more intense orgasm. strapon dildos
Men : Health problems continue , "three high" , diabetes is the need to take a lot of drugs, resulting in erectile dysfunction. But do not pessimistic, no deadline sexual life , and quickly call in an expert now .